The Silent Majority



rt5 – an audio drama by red thread about 1969 and the silent majority – 44 minutes

Ellen – Tessa McGinn
Lester – Josh Marriott
Betsy – Rebecca Lawton
Al Klein, John Canning and Agent McAllister – Andrew Dennis
Cynthia – Stevie Thompson
Lecturer – Martin Whatley
Tammy – Gabby Finnegan
Written by James Picardo
Script consultation by Gwenfair Hakwins
Directed by Gwenfair Hawkins
Music and sound design by Tim Bamber
Produced by Tim Bamber and James Picardo
Recorded by Tim Bamber at Music Ape Studios.
Thanks to Catherine Grosvenor
Copyright red thread June 2018


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red thread forty

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rt4 – a dark audio drama about turning forty co-produced by red thread and Dob Dob Dob – 34 minutes

Judith – Tessa McGinn
Charlotte – Jacky Crosher

Written by Sarah-Jane Dobner
Directed by Louise Vaughan
Music written and directed by Sarah-Jane Dobner
Sound design by Tim Bamber
Piano – Louise Caplin
Drums – Susanne Lambert
Cello – Tim Bamber
Produced by Sarah-Jane Dobner and James Picardo
Recorded by Richard Parsons at Factory Studios, Bristol
Finally, thanks to Linda Geddes
Copyright Dob Dob Dob and red thread August 2016