rt4 – a dark audio drama about turning forty co-produced with Dob Dob Dob – 34 minutes

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Judith – Tessa McGinn
Charlotte – Jacky Crosher

Written by Sarah-Jane Dobner
Directed by Louise Vaughan
Music written and directed by Sarah-Jane Dobner
Sound design by Tim Bamber
Piano – Louise Caplin
Drums – Susanne Lambert
Cello – Tim Bamber
Produced by Sarah-Jane Dobner and James Picardo
Recorded by Richard Parsons at Factory Studios, Bristol
Finally, thanks to Linda Geddes
Copyright Dob Dob Dob and red thread August 2016

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Forty. What’s that all about? Judith and Charlotte are just finding out. Maybe Judith knows already. She’s a couple of years ahead, so she knows about heartbreak and hopelessness. The indignity of a job making sure that the fake snow is in the right place and that the right chairs have been put out for the right people. The patience and steadfastness you need to keep hold of your dream partner.

Charlotte is a little jealous, though she still has a little hope left. She has a to do list, anyway. But don’t worry: she turns forty today and there’s a party planned with a cake and everything. It’s a cake with a rather tasteless decoration, but who cares about details?

How do we face these slow, creeping dangers and fears? Do we try to stay practical, or go for romance? While deciding, the two women cajole, prick, lay traps for each other, darkly joke. When words alone aren’t adequate they exchange honest, beautiful songs to cut through the noise.

This dark audio drama – based on an original play by the writer, musician and climber Sarah Jane Dobner – was recorded with live instrumental accompaniment to create a haunting, intimate experience for the ears.

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Forty trailer
Forty trailer

Two women await a fortieth birthday party. Will they make it? A dark audio drama with songs by Sarah-Jane Dobner.