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red thread conservation


rt3 – a medieval audio drama by red thread about the idea of conservation – 33 minutes

Reeve – Mark Ross
Nurse – Hannah-Marie Chidwick
Alderman – Boyd Rogers
Abbot – Damian Hursey

Written and directed by James Picardo
Sound design by Tim Bamber
Edited by Tim Bamber
Finally, many thanks to Jenny Davies for the fiddle parts and Bristol Occasional Seasonal Orchestral Music for digging up the tune.
Recorded by Pete Rowley at Attic Attack, Bristol
Copyright red thread January 2016

Sealed orders



rt2 – a submarine audio drama by red thread about a submarine’s sealed orders – 2 minutes

Commander – Damian Hursey
Lamb – Tom Brooke-Taylor
Midshipman – Ty Jahgon

Written by Damian Hursey, Tom Brooke-Taylor, James Picardo
Edited by Damian Hursey and James Picardo
Recorded by Ty Jahgon
Executive Producer Sol Stephens
Copyright red thread June 2014